Diary July 17, 1944

German prisoners walking through Moscow
German prisoners walking through the streets of Moscow
WW2 War Diary for Monday, July 17, 1944:

Western Front:
by low-flying RAF Spitfire fighters.

Home Front Russia:
57,000 Germans, captured in Byelorussia, are paraded through streets of Moscow.

Russian Front:
1st BR Front reaches Curzon Line 1st Guards Tank Army crosses river Bug.

British 8th Army crosses the river Arno.

Air War:
In bold move to protect London from V-1 bombardment 1,596 AA guns are moved to south coast (July 17-19). First use of napalm, by USAAF P-38 Lightnings in raid on fuel depot at Coutances, Normandy.

Sea War:
Abortive British carrier raid on German battleship Tirpitz in Kaa Fjord.

Home Front Britain:
61,905 people unemployed (lowest wartime figure yet).

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