Diary December 17, 1914

Damage in British ports
Damage caused by the German naval bombardment of British ports.
War Diary World War One for Thursday, December 17, 1914:

Home Fronts

Britain: Coast property war insurance rates raised after Hartlepool raid.

Western Front

Artois – First Battle of Artois (until December 28): series of French Tenth Army attacks on 1 1/4-mile front near Arras; minimal results until December 24; hampered by fog and inadequate artillery preparation costs 7,771 casualties
Picardy: French Second Army in secondary attack with 3 divisions around La Boisselle (northeast of Albert) fails by December 20.
Flanders: Germans bombard Armentieres.

Eastern Front

Poland: Austrian 27th Division occupies Petrokov. Battles of Lowicz-Sanniki and Limanowa­-Laponow end, latter saves Cracow.

Air War

North Sea: Squadron Commander Seddon and Ldg Mech Hartley RNAS forced down when their Short float plane has engine failure; crew rescued and plane salvaged by Norwegian SS Orn. They are repatriated from Holland on December 20.
Western Front: French Army airship Conte drops 15 shells on Sarrebourg railway station; 10 shells and 1 case aerodarts on other rail targets.


Italy: Prince Bülow visits for Central Powers.
USA: US Marines seize bankrupt Haiti’s last $500,000 at Port-au-Prince.

Oval@3x 2

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