Diary December 20, 1914

Carrier pigeon unit
Carrier pigeon unit on the Western Front. The birds were housed in specially built lofts such as this impressive example.
War Diary World War One for Sunday, December 20, 1914:

Secret War

Western Front: 21 of 28 carrier pigeons sent from BEF GHQ to Belgium since November 2 have returned.

Western Front

Champagne – FIRST BATTLE OF CHAMPAGNE (‘Winter Battle in French Champagne’) begins: Fourth Army with 12 divisions attacks until December 25 gains as much as 400 yards (ca. 366 m) of trenches against German Fifth Army with c. 9 divisions. Joffre plans protracted battle of attrition designed to relieve pressure on Russians. It continues with c. 4 weeks pause in January-February, to March 17, 1915.

Sea War

Black Sea: German battlecruiser Goeben and Light cruiser Breslau escort Turk troop transports to Trebizond. As Goeben returns to Con­stantinople she is badly damaged on December 23 by 2 Russian mines newly laid in Bosphorus approaches. Kept in port for 3 months.
Abortive Russian attempt to close Zonguldak coal port with 4 block ships (1 captured by Breslau).
Adriatic: French submarine Curie reaches Austrian Pola naval base, but trapped in outer net barrage, captured and renamed U14.

Middle East

Armenia: Russians defeat Turks near Lake Van.

African Fronts

South Africa: Rebel Commander Fourie (captured on December 16 after killing 12 loyal troops), shot on Smut’s orders, becomes Afrikaaner martyr (brother reprieved).
East Africa: 1,800 British soldiers re­occupy coast to river Umba.

Air War

Western Front: Henderson resumes command of RFC on Kitchener’s insistence.

Oval@3x 2

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