Diary December 3, 1914

Serb infantry attacking
Serbian infantry launch an attack against the larger Austro-Hungarian forces.
War Diary for Thursday, December 3, 1914:

Southern Fronts

Serbia: General Serb counter­offensive (Battle of the Ridges) catches Austrian Sixth Army off guard (heavy artillery is in rear), Misic’s First Army advances several miles taking 1,512 PoWs, 5 guns and 4 MGs; Second and Third Armies recapture important heights with 503 PoWs and 2 MGs.

African Fronts

Cameroons: Brigade-General Gorges begins Northern Railway advance, fighting daily, reaches terminus on December 10.


Japan: Britain concedes to Japan that Australia occupies no German islands north of the Equator. Japanese Peking Minister receives 21 Demands’ text to China.
Italy: Austro­-Italian talks resume. At the same time Italian Prime Minister Salandra defines his war policy.

Occupied countries

Belgium: Provincial government powers go to German military governors. Germans impose 40 millions Fr per month war contribution.

Home Fronts

Germany: Adolf Grober (Catholic Centre Party) ‘We must enter upon a new Germany … we must set a good example to the whole world’. The Kaiser returns to Berlin.

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