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Diary December 7, 1944

Massive hit bunker of Siegfried Line
This bunker from the Siegfried Line at Steckenborn (Saar) sustained a massive hit just to the side of the aperture which penetrated the two meters thick reinforced concrete wall. US tank and SPG crews are instructed to target the doors and machine gun apertures which are recognized as being the weakest part of the structure.
War Diary WW2 for Thursday, December 7, 1944:

Western Front

3rd US Army penetrates Siegfried Line northwest of Saarlautern.

Sea War

Pacific: Americans land at Ormoc on west coast of Leyte.

Air War

Germany: 262 RAF bombers attacking Giessen and dropping 1,448 t of bombs.

Home Fronts

Japan: Earthquake rocks Tokai area, disrupting rail communica­tions and temporarily halting production at Mitsubishi aircraft works, Nagoya.­

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