Diary January 11, 1940

Polikarpov I-153
Planes like this Polikarpov I-153 single-seat fighter biplane, in winter finish, were used to carrying supply containers to Russian pockets during the Winter War.
War Diary WW2 for Thursday, January 11, 1940:


Winter War: Russian 168th Division encircled north of Lake Ladoga. Finns beat off reinforcements, while Russians supply the ‘pocket’ by air. Russian relief column finally breaks through, March 6.
New Russian drive in Salla sector (‘Waist’ area), toward KemijärviTornio railway (Finns counterattack, January 17-18).
Swedish volunteer air group, Flygflottilj 19, begins operations from frozen lake Kemi, with 12 Gladiators and 4 Hart light bombers. The Swedes shoot down 12 Russians and lose 6 aircraft, by March 13.

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