Diary January 24, 1915

sinking of Blücher in the Battle of the Dogger Bank
Sinking of armored cruiser Blücher in the Battle of the Dogger Bank.
War Diary World War One for Sunday, January 24, 1915:

Sea War

North Sea – FIRST DREAD­NOUGHT ACTION: BATTLE OF THE DOGGER BANK. Thanks to signal intelligence 5 bat­tlecruisers from Rosyth intercept and pursue Hipper’s 3 battlecruiser and armored cruiser Blücher on sweep in 3­hr action begun at record range of 22,000 yards (ca. 20 km). Slower Blücher sunk (792 killed, 236 PoWs, total 260 survivors), but Royal Navy errors (Beatty not told U­-boats actually hours away) allow rest to escape: Flagship HMS Lion has 21 of Royal Navies 95 casualties and hit 17 times. German flagship Seydlitz hit 3 times (192 killed) and badly damaged by British fire. Disabled Lion towed back to Rosyth by Indomitable.
British ships score 73 hots out of 958 shells fired, Germans 25 out of 1,276.

Air War

North Sea: German Navy airship L5 gives reconnaissance support and early warning for battlecruiser force during Dogger Bank Battle.

Middle East

Arabia: Pro-Turk Ibn Rashid defeats pro-British Ibn Saud‘s 6,000 men with 1 gun at Jarrab. Captain Shakespear killed, aged 36. Austrian orientalist Musil joins Rashid on January 26 and tries to make pro-Turk reconnaissance mission.


USA: US Secretary of State Bryan tries to refute the partiality in favor of the Allies with a public letter.

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