Diary January 26, 1945

Scorched earth tactics in East Prussia:
Scorched earth tactics in East Prussia: the Wehrmacht ignites the houses before the arrival of the Red Army.
Friday, January 26, 1945

Russian Front

Rokossovsky breaks through the Gulf of Danzig, virtually isolating German forces in East Prussia.

Western Front

Lieutenant Audie Murphy, most decorated US soldier of WW2 , single­-handedly repels repeated Panzers and infantry attacks on his position, near Colmar; awarded Medal of Honor.


Imperial GHQ orders Japanese forces to withdraw to the coast.

Air War

Germany – Operation Thunderclap: British COAS decides that RAF Bomber Command should launch ‘one big attack on Berlin and Dresden … where a serve blitz will not only cause confusion in the evacuation from the East but will also hamper the movement of troops …’

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