Diary November 27, 1944

Mitsubishi G3M
Two Japanese Mitsubishi G3M long-range bombers, which are also used in the attacks against Saipan.
War Diary for Monday, November 27, 1944:

Air War

Germany: Very heavy day and night raids on marshalling yards in Western Germany. Freiburg severely damaged in night raid.
Pacific: Second B-29 Superfortress raid on the Musashi plant, Tokyo. Japanese retaliatory strike against Saipan base. Kamikazes attack US battleships in Leyte Gulf.

Sea War

Prison ship Rigel, carrying 2,248 Russian PoWs, sunk by British carrier planes off Norway (only 415 survivors).

Home Fronts

Britain: 4,000 t. bombs explode in underground dump at Hanbury, Burton-on-Trent, killing 70 people and hundreds of cattle.
USA: USA-Secretary of State, Cordell Hull, resigns because of ill-health; replaced by Edward Stettinius.

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  1. enemy air attack against the uss murzim AK-95 .my dad was aboard the ship that day. i cant find any record of this.can you find out for my family.thank you.

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