Diary November 27, 1914

Hindenburg with his staff on the Eastern front
Hindenburg (in light coat) with his staff on the Eastern front. On his left, his chief of staff Ludendorff, right outside his deputy Hoffmann, the real architect of the victory in the Battle of Tannenberg.
War Diary for Friday, November 27, 1914:

Eastern Front

Hindenburg promoted to field marshal. Litvinov replaces Rennenkampf in command of Russian First Army due to Lodz fiasco.

Western Front

Champagne: Germans bombard Reims Cathedral.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Serbs retake Covka.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: 17th Brigade completes 6th Indian Division.

African Fronts

Tripolitania: Fezzan-Revolt forces 191 Italians with 2 guns from Sebha to Brach where 2 companies joined on December 8.

Air War

Egypt: RFC (5 Farmans, 3 arrived at Alexandria on November 17) flies first reconnaissance mission over Suez Canal. 7 French Nieuport seaplanes assist from ships in the Suez Canal.


USA: President Wilson condemns bombardment of unfortified towns.

Home Fronts

Britain: Army and Admiralty able to take over private arms factories.

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