Diary November 29, 1914

Group of German infantry
A group of German infantry in full marching order in November 1914.
War Diary for Sunday, November 29, 1914:

Western Front

Somme: French advance around the village of Chaulnes.
Argonne: French recapture Bagatelle.
Vosges: French repulse attacks at Ban-de-Sapt. Bavarians forming first ski battalion.
Artois: General Fayolle (70th Reserve Division) writes ‘I wonder whether those great leaders who push themselves forward … are not those who take no account … of the human lives entrusted to them’.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Serbs evacuate Belgrade (night 29-30), blowing up French naval guns after 240 rounds fired off. The garrison of 17 battalions join Obrenovac Army Detachment of 6 battalions to the south. Serb First Army retreats 12 miles (ca. 19 km). Serb left wing to south now astride Western Morava Valley.

Air War

Western Front: Royal Flying Corps (RFC) reorganized: 2nd and 3rd Squadrons already forming 1st Wing; 5th and 6th Squadrons forming 2nd Wing (Lt-Col C J Burke). 4th Squadron becomes a communications unit and the depot (Aircraft Park) remain with RFC HQ at St Omer.
Germany: Despite makers’ promise to deliver 200 aircraft per month from mid-August, Military Air Service has received only 462 aircraft since August 3.

Home Fronts

Britain: King leaves to visit Western Front until December 5.

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