Diary November 5, 1939

General von Brauchitsch
General von Brauchitsch, the head of the Zossen Conspiracy.
War Diary for Sunday, November 5, 1939:

Home Fronts

Germany: THE ZOSSEN CONSPIRACY. Generals von Brauchitsch (Army C in C), Halder and Beck plot to stop Hitler’s planned Western Front offensive. If necessary, Brauchitsch is to arrest the Fuehrer in Berlin. But, after violent argument with Hitler, Brauchitsch loses his nerve and returns to OKH (Army High Command) HQ at Zossen, where the conspiracy collapses.

Secret War

Colonel Hans Oster of the Abwehr (German Military Intelligence), one of the Zossen conspirators, warns Colonel Sas, Dutch military attaché in Berlin, of impending invasion of Low Countries. Sas informs the Belgian attaché.

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