Diary October 18, 1914

wounded British soldier
A wounded British soldier is supported by a comrade.
War Diary of World War One for Sunday, October 18, 1914:

Western Front

Flanders: Germans take Roulers and thwart BEF Cavalry Corps attack. German III Reserve Corps captures 2 of 3 Belgian outpost villages east of Yser.

Eastern Front

Poland: Ludendorff decides to order retreat, secretly.
Galicia: Austrians begin vain attempts to recross river San against Brusilov’s troops.

Sea War

North Sea (Flanders coast): Hood’s Royal Navy Flotilla (2 cruisers, 3 monitors, 4 destroyers joined by French ships) begins shelling Germans east of river Yser until October 31, invaluable contribution to the crucial Western Front battle.

Home Fronts

Britain: Churchill meets Royal Navy Division survivors from Antwerp. Their PoWs are in Döberitz Camp near Berlin since October 15.

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