Diary October 8, 1944

US BAR team in Hürtgen Forest
An US BAR team struggles through the muddy pine woods of the Hürtgen Forest near Aachen. During the weeks of murderous fighting there the GIs from 4th, 8th and 28th Division were among those who paid for the slow advance of the 1st US Army.
WW2 War Diary for Sunday, October 8, 1944:

Western Front

US 1st Army attacks east of Aachen; US 3rd Army strikes between Metz and Nancy.

Sea War

British-Canadian troops of 1st Army land behind German lines, on south bank of river Scheldt (night October 8-9).

Home Fronts

Britain: New ministries of Social Insurance and Aviation (Civil) established.
USA: Death of Wendell L. Willkie; aged 52.

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