Diary September 10, 1914

German PoWs at the Marne
French soldiers escort some of the 29,000 German PoW’s to the rear after the Battle of the Marne.
War Diary of World War One for Thursday, September 10, 1914:

Western Front

Marne: FIRST BATTLE OF THE MARNE ENDS. Joffre orders hot pursuit (‘victory is now in the legs of the infantry’) of Kluck; Maunoury links with BEF. French X Corps marches 12 miles (ca. 19 km).
First British general killed, Brigade-General N Findlay of 1st Division CRA by shellfire.
Formal operation orders issued by German GHQ at 1630 hours confirm retirement from the Marne: Second Army sent behind river Vaste; Kluck demoted and placed under Bülow’s orders, which are to fall back behind river Aisne; Third, Fourth and Fifth Armies to continue to hold ‘quiet’ line Reims-Verdun.

Eastern Front

East Prussia: Rennenkampf covers retreat (95 miles (ca. 153 km) in 50 hours) by counter-attack, evacuates Insterburg.
Poland: Second Battle of Krasnik. Dankl beaten, also Archduke Joseph at Opole. 40,000 respectively 50,000 men lost.
Galicia: Dragomirov’s Cavalry Corps and Plehev’s Fifth Army turn Auffenberg’s left. Charge by 7 squadrons of Kaledin’s 12th Cavalry Division checks Austrian Second Army attack after it outflanks Kornilov’s 48th Division (28 guns lost) on Brusilov’s southern flank.

African Fronts

East Africa: 300 Germans occupy Karungu near Lake Victoria, threaten Kisii. 300 British soldiers force the Germans to retreat on September 13, but retiring as well.

Home Fronts

Britain: Commons votes for a second Army recruitment of 500,000 men. 439,000 recruits since August 4. 12 additional new Army divisions authorized
Germany: 12 Jaeger battalions activated.
Kaiser cables US President Wilson ‘my heart bleeds’ for Belgium, but Belgians to blame. He also condemns Allied use of ‘dum dum’ bullets.

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