Diary September 14, 1914

German troops in the trenches 1914
German troops in the trenches. The first trenching of the troops and the dominance of the numerically ever-increasing machine guns on the battlefield doomed the war of movement in the West.
War Diary of World War One for Monday, September 14, 1914:

Western Front

Aisne: Despite major efforts (BEF I Corps captures 12 guns), Allies unable to enlarge much their shallow bridgeheads across the river against GERMAN TRENCHES. MOLTKE RESIGNS AS GERMAN COS; SUCCEEDED BY FALKEN­HAYN but not made public till November 3.
Foch’s Ninth Army unable to cross Reims-St Menehould road and lacks of artillery to capture Moronvillers heights on September 16-17.
Lorraine: Lieutenant de Lattre (12th Dragoons, 2nd Cavalry Div) kills 2 Bavarian Uhlans with his sword, but suffers lance wound west of Pont-a-Mousson (Moselle), awarded Legion of Honour, aged 25.

Eastern Front

STAVKA orders all radio messages in cipher, but Austrian Captain Pokorny cracks it by September 19.
Poland and Galicia: Russians hold Drohobvcz oilfields and cross river San at mouth in pursuit. Lechitski’s Ninth Army retakes Sandomir on Vistula.

Sea War

South Atlantic: 90-minute AMC action: HMS Carmania (damaged) sinks German Cap Trafalgar coaling off Trinidads (Brazilian island).
Pacific: Spee’s fleet arrives at Samoa but finds harbor empty.

Home Fronts

Britain: King and Queen visit wounded officers at Princess Henry of Battenberg‘s Hospital, London.

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