Diary September 2, 1939

Map from the campaign in Poland until September 7th.
Map from the campaign in Poland until September 7th.
WW2 War Diary for September 2, 1939


German Blitzkrieg (lightning war) continues relentlessly. 18 Polish bombers attack German armor in Radom-Piotrkow area, south-west of Warsaw.

Air War

Luftwaffe enjoys overwhelming air superiority. Six raids on Warsaw.
RAF Advanced Air Striking Force flies to France.


Hitler rejects Mussolini’s offer (made August 31) to mediate in German-Polish dispute and the proposed five-power conference.

Home Fronts

Britain: National Service Act passed: conscription for men age 19-41.


Switzerland: General mobilization.
Scandinavian states: Governments proclaim absolute neutrality.

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