Diary September 29, 1914

British officers with French 75mm gun
British officers watch as a French 75-mm quick-firing field gun is readied for action.
War Diary of World War One for Tuesday, September 29, 1914:

Western Front

St Mihiel: Salient solidifies.
France: French repulsed near Roye, Lassigny and Chaulny. French XXI Corps checked before Thiepval (Somme).
Antwerp: Bombardment intensifies: Forts Koningshoycht, Lierre and Kessel also heavily shelled. Governor lieutenant-general Deguise completes evacuation plans; hold Termonde and west bank of the Scheldte to keep open line of retreat for Belgian field army (100,000 men). The evacuation towards Ghent proceeds almost without incident by rail at night until October 7.

Far East

Tsingtao: Germans repulsed from Prince Heinrich Hill, abandon five ‘Kaiser’ outer forts.

Sea War

Persian Gulf: HM sloop Espiegle enters Shatt-al-Arab (head of Persian Gulf); AMC Dalhousie follows.


USA: Ex-German Colonial Minister Dr Dernburg in Los Angeles warns for Britain: ‘dominating world if she wins’.

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