Diary September 3, 1914

Austrian PoWs in Poland
Austrian PoWs are marching into captivity by the Russians after their defeat.
War Diary of World War One for Thursday, September 3, 1914:

Eastern Front

Galicia: RUZSKI OCCUPIES LEMBERG, capital of the province, captures much booty and organizes government next day.

Western Front

France: German cavalry reaches Ecouen 8 miles from Paris. Battle of the Mortagne ends. Lanrezac sacked, Franchet d’Esperey replaces him. BEF crosses river Marne. Bülow occupies Reims.
French composer Alberic Magnard killed (aged 49) in his burning house near Senlis having shot 2 German Uhlan.

Sea War

North Sea: Torpedo gunboat HMS Speedy sunk by mine off the Humber.

Air War

Western Front: RFC recon planes warns that Kluck’s First Army again wheeling to left, closely monitors Kluck as he marches into a Marne salient between French Fifth and Sixth Armies.
French pilots Bellinger and Watteau independently discover that Germans have wheeled southeast away from Paris defenses and towards the Marne.
Britain: Admiralty to handle home air defense.


Italy: Pope Benedict XV elected.

Home Fronts

France: Paris Bourse closes.

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