Diary September 30, 1914

Transport column of German Ninth Army
A Transport column of the new German Ninth Army is moving forward to protect Silesia and Galicia from a Russian attack.
War Diary of World War One for Wednesday, September 30, 1914:

Western Front

Belgium: Belgians appeal to Allies for help at Antwerp.
Artois: ­French troops re-enter Arras. General Maud’huy given 4 divisions and I Cavalry Corps of Second Army to operate to north as Tenth Army from October 4.

Eastern Front

Poland: New German Ninth Army advances 10 miles (ca. 16 km) per day against Novikov’s cavalry and entrenched south of Kielce.

Southern Fronts

Bosnia: Indecisive fighting at Vlasenica until October 1 involves Serb 2nd Sumadija Division.

Middle East

Egypt: British regular garrison (4 brigades, 1 cavalry regiment, 12 guns) sails for France from Alexandria.

Air War

Germany: Army Air Service adopts black ‘Iron Cross insignia for its planes, airships and kite-balloons.
Western Front: ­First British single-seat fighter plane with fixed armament appears: Bristol Scout ‘B’ of No 3 Squadron RFC armed with 2 rifles mounted at 45° either side of cockpit.

Home Fronts

Germany: Unemployment falls to 15.7%. Decree forbids money payments to British Empire.

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