Diary September 8, 1944

First V2 impact
Staveley Road, Chiswick, London after the first V2 impact. In the foreground, Mr. Harrison, who escapes with a head injury, his wife was killed.
WW2 War Diary for Friday, September 8, 1944:

Air War

Britain: Explosion in Chiswick (3 killed) and supersonic boom heard all over London, announces FIRST V-2 ROCKET ATTACK ON LONDON.
Europe: Italian Luxury liner Rex (51,062 t.) set on fire by RAF raid on Trieste.

Russian Front

Russians enter Bulgaria; port of Varna occupied (operations suspended on September 9).

Western Front

Allied forces capture Ostend, Liege, Le Creusot and Besancon.


5th US Army launches major attack on Gothic Line.


Bulgaria declares war on Germany.

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