Diary April 1, 1919

Tank Mark V of the troops of General Denikin
Tank Mark V of the troops of General Denikin, which is here inspected by General Sidorin of the Don Cossacks.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, April 1, 1919:

South Russia: During April 12 British tanks with 70 instructors delivered to Denikin at Ekaterinodor.
North Russia: Second British attack on Bolshie Ozerki fails.
Trans-Caspia: Last British troops (c.130 men) leave.
South Persia: During April most British troops withdrawn to India.
Poland: General Haller’s 35,000 troops (including 7 French aircraft squadrons) return to Poland from France via Danzig (until April 8).
France – Peace Process: Council of Four decide on Rhineland’s demilitarization, appoint Saar Valley Commission, decide to lift blockade, and send Smuts to Hungary, but his mission fails (April 2-6). King Albert flies into Paris, meets Lloyd George (April 2) and Wilson (April 4), flies out (April 5). German Financial Delegation meets Economic Council.
Ukraine: In April a Red plane (ex-German aircraft) makes first flight Vinnitsa-Budapest; Hungarian Communist leader Szamuley flown out to Moscow (late May).
Britain: RFP falls 7% to 113%. Free trade with Poland and Estonia. Regular Army recruiting re-opened.
Ireland: Eamon de Valera elected President of Sinn Fein Dail. Limerick general strike (April 14-25).

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