Diary April 11, 1917

observation post disguised as a shell-blasted tree stump
British troops investigate a German observation post disguised as a shell-blasted tree stump.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, April 11, 1917:

Western Front

Artois: British 3rd Cavalry Division with 2 divisions of Third Army, with 11 tanks, capture Monchy-Ie-Preux and Wancourt, but German line stiffening. Allenby has inflicted 21,000 casualties (incl. 7,000 PoWs), taken 112 guns for 8,238 casualties. British 62nd Division and 4th Australian Division with 11 tanks (2 knocked out by German Mauser Rifles 98 with armour piercing bullets and captured) make first attack on Bullecourt, a fiasco costing 3,052 casualties (1,170 PoWs).

Air War

Western Front: Richthofen equals Boelcke‘s score of 40 with a BE2c of No 13 Squadron (wing lost but crew only bruised) on day Royal Flying Corps loses 13 aircraft to 5 German.


Brazil: Government breaks relations with Germany (Bolivia likewise on April 13) but neutral in US-German war. German Ambassador only leaves on April 27.
Germany: Berlin rejects Czernin’s joint peace approach to Russia.
Britain: Lloyd George and Ribot discuss Austrian Emperor Charles’ peace letter at Folkestone, agree Italy must be consulted.

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