Diary July 11, 1941

Tank battle in the south of the Eastern Front.
Tank battle in the south of the Eastern Front. Russian tanks under air attack by German Ju 87 Stuka dive-bombers.
Diary for Friday, July 11, 1941:

Eastern Front

Operation Barbarossa: Panzers cross river Dnieper. Army Group South beats off major Russian counter-attack and threatens city of Kiev.
Three new Russian front-line commanders: Voroshilov in North, Timoshenko in centre and Budenny in South.

Sea War

Mediterranean: Destroyer HMS Defender bombed by German aircraft during supply mission from Alexandria to Tobruk (night July 11-12).

Air War

North Africa: German night raid on Port Said and Ismailia.

Secret War

William J. Donovan appointed US ‘Co-ordinator of Defense Information’ in Washington.

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