Diary April 12, 1917

British postcard: America's declaration of war
British postcard: for Great Britain, America’s declaration of war promised men – and hope.
World War One Diary for Thursday, April 12, 1917:

Home Fronts

Britain: London meetings celebrate US entry into war, US Ambassador says aim ‘to save the earth as a place worth living in’.
Austria: General Stager-Steiner succeeds General Krobatin as War Minister.
Russia: ­Law enlarges Estonia and permits it a Diet.

Western Front

Artois: Canadian troops storm Pimple hill north of Vimy Ridge, but 2 German ‘counter-attack’ divisions now holding Mericourt-Arleux line against breakout.


Spain: Government protests to Berlin for San Fulgencio torpedoed (April 9).
Costa Rica: Government places nations waters and ports at US disposal.


Switzerland: Bulgar and Austrian envoys make peace­feelers to Allies.

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