Diary April 18, 1919

General Jozef Haller's Polish troops
General Jozef Haller in front of his Polish troops who had returned from the Western Front.
World War One Diary for Friday, April 18, 1919:

Western Russia­: Poles invade, take Lida, then Vilna and Baronivichi (April 19).
France – Peace Process: German Armistice Commission invited to Paris by French War Minister for April 25, Foch refusing to receive Treaty; his views deliberately leaked to Le Matin and Daily Telegraph. Clemenceau has already sounded Petain on replacing him. Berlin announces on April 19 sending 6 delegates.
Black Sea: French Navy mutinies (­until April 28).
India: Gandhi advises Passive Resistance’s suspension; Delhi rioting.
Germany – Bavaria: 14 people die in Red Army faction fighting at Munich. Weimar Government aircraft leaflet city (April 19 and 20) to say help coming.

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