Diary August 10, 1917

General Sir Edmund Allenby
British General Sir Edmund Allenby is ordered to seize Jerusalem from the Turks by Christmas 1917.
World War One Diary for Friday, August 10, 1917:

Middle East

Palestine: Allenby told he will get a division from Salonika, must ‘strike the Turks as hard as possible’; he moves GHO from Cairo 200 miles to Kelab near Front (August 11), forms DMC, XX and XXI Corps on August 12.

Western Front

Ypres – Second Allied attack of ‘Third Ypres’ Battle: British advance on 2-mile front east of Ypres, capturing Westhoek and Glencorse Wood; 18th Division captures Inverness Copse, but Gheluvelt Plateau as a whole not taken. French advance east and north of Bixschoote.


East Africa: Linforce recces Lettow’s Narunyu position. First Belgians reinforce Iringa Force which crosses river Idete on August 26 after indecisive action there on August 12.

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