Diary August 15, 1918

Canadian 60-pounder battery
A Canadian 60-pounder battery in action, August 1918.
World War One Diary for Thursday, August 15, 1918:

Western Front

Somme: BEF recrosses the Ancre (for last time). Canadian Corps actions around Damery (until August 17, repulse counter-attack on August 16). Haig refuses to obey Foch’s order from August 11 for attack on Roye­-Chaulnes, but will attack north of Somme (c. August 21). French Third Army captures Lassigny Massif (town on August 21) halts on river Divette on August 22.
Flanders: Rupprecht warns Prince Max of Baden ‘Our military situation has deteriorated so rapidly that I no longer believe we can hold out over the winter; it is even possible that a catastrophe will come earlier.’

Eastern Front

USA: Government severs relations with Soviet Government.
East Siberia: ­Heavy Red shelling (until August 17) answered on August 16 by HMS Suffolk 12-pounder in armoured train. Siberian Regional Duma meets in Tomsk.
Kuban: Volunteer Army captures capital Ekaterinodar (Denikin enters on August 16).

Sea War

North Sea: Harwich Force destroyers Ullswater and Scott sunk (torpedo and mine respectively) escorting Dutch convoy.

Air War

Western Front: German fighters break up Allied formations, claim 25 Allied aircraft for 4 lost.

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