Diary August 15, 1940

Spitfire survives low-level attack
On an RAF airfield a Spitfire survives in a shelter box a low-level attack.
Diary for Thursday, August 15, 1940:

Air War

Battle of Britain (Day 37): GÖRING EMPLOYS THREE ‘AIR FLEETS’ (Luftflotten 2, 3 and 5) IN MASSED DAYLIGHT RAIDS on airfields from Portsmouth to Tyne. RAF defeat attacks by Luftflotte 5 from Scandinavian bases, but Ju 88s destroy 10 Whitleys at Driffield (Yorks), Elite fighter-bomber group Erpr.Gr.210 attacks Croydon Airport (62 killed), but loses 6 Me 110s and its Commander. Göring forbids further attacks on British radar stations.
Losses: German, 76; British, 50.

Sea War

Mediterranean: The Helle Incident. Greek cruiser Helle sinks in mysterious circumstances off Tinos Islands, while crew are attending Mass. Fragments indicate that torpedoes are of Italian manufacture. Italy denies responsibility (August 16), but later admits ‘mistake’ may have occurred.
HM submarines Pandora and Proteus carry essential supplies to Malta.

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