Diary August 27, 1918

 Vickers machine-gun is hidden in farm building
A Vickers machine-gun is hidden in farm building during this period of relatively fluid warfare.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, August 27, 1918:

Western Front

Somme: British III Corps recaptures Delville and Trones Woods and Greenland Hill. French recapture Roye and Chauny (Oise).

Eastern Front

GERMANY AND RUSSIA SIGN SUPPLEMENTARY PEACE TREATY: Russia promises to fight Allies in North Russia and can free troops to move East; Germany to prevent Finland attacking; Russia to pay £300 million in more reparations and allow Germans’ secret use of Black Sea Fleet remnants. Russia to export to Germany 1/3 of her oil once Turks return Baku. Red negotiator Joffe regards terms as ‘… worse than Brest-Litovsk’.

Home Fronts

USA – First 2 cases of American ‘Spanish ‘flu’: 2 sailors at Boston, US Navy receiving ships has 106 cases by August 31. All over East Coast by mid-September. Fuel Administrator bans Sunday driving east of Mississippi.

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