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Diary August 7, 1941

Aerial picture taken from Russian bombers over Berlin.
Aerial picture taken from Russian bombers over Berlin.
Diary for Thursday, August 7, 1941:

Air War

France: RAF carries out repeated sweeps over north France: 10 fighters lost, 7 Me 109Fs shot down. Douglas Bader‘s aircraft collides with a Messerschmitt; he parachutes to safety (losing one of his artificial legs).
Germany – First Russian raid on Berlin: 4-engined Petlyakov and 2-engined Ilyushin bombers operate by night from islands in the Baltic; a few bombs fall in suburbs of Berlin. German radio blames RAF, but later confirms that attackers were Russian (further minor raids in August).

Home Fronts

Italy: Bruno Mussolini, second son of the Duce, killed testing experimental bomber near Pisa; aged 25.

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