Diary August 9, 1917

situation in Russia is totally unclear
‘The situation in Russia is totally unclear’ means this chaotic-colorful poster from Italy.
World War One Diary for Thursday, August 9, 1917:

Eastern Front

Rumania: Mackensen beyond river Susitza threatens Allied rear. Lieutenant Rommel wounded in left arm but carries on for two weeks.

Southern Front

Salonika: 3 Bulgar howitzers at 5-mile range destroy or damage 3 Royal Flying Corps aircraft on Struma sector airfield, 6 surviving planes fly to safer field. British patrol (21 men) west of Lake Doiran on ‘P’ ridge bayonets 14 Bulgar soldiers and takes 1 PoW for 1 man missing.

Air War

Artois: 7 Royal Flying Corps aircraft strafe before and during British 12th Division local attack, tactics repeated on August 19 and 26.

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