Diary December 16, 1918

 Reich Congress of Workers' and Soldiers' Councils
From 16 to 20 December, the first Reich Congress of Workers’ and Soldiers’ Councils takes place in Berlin, where the SPD party under Ebert succeeds in asserting itself.
World War One Diary for Monday, December 16, 1918:

Home Fronts

Germany: Conference of Workers and Soldiers Councils at Berlin (until December 20), 450 deputies.
Britain: Demobilization scheme for Army and RAF men with jobs to go to. Lard rationing discontinued.

Western Front

Allies complete occupation of Rhine bridgeheads.

Eastern Front

Finland: Last German troops leave.
Baltic States: ­Hoffmann diary ‘The evacuation [4 divisions on November 11] is becoming very disorderly’..
Urals: Red reverse north of Ekaterinburg.
Siberia: General Janin reaches Omsk but rows with Kolchak and leaves for front on December 20.


Hungary: Field Marshal Mackensen’s forces from Rumania surrender to Hungarians near Budapest, Field Marshal interned by French until December 1919.
South Africa: Botha arrives in London for Peace Conference.

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