Diary December 30, 1915

Start of Zeppelin
Start of Zeppelin.
Diary for Thursday, December 30, 1915:

Southern Fronts

Salonika: First Zeppelin raid.

Air War

Salonika: First German air raid (by Zeppelins), a Greek shepherd killed on outskirts, but incident does not infuriate Greece.


Greece: French General Sarrail arrests and deports Central Powers’ consuls and 54 members of their staff in occupied Salonika.

Western Front

Artois: Germans explode 5 mines near Loos.
Alsace: ­French capture Reh-Felsen and Hirzstein in Hartmannsweil­erkopf sector.

African Fronts

Cameroons: Ebermaier and rearguard leave Yaunde.
East Africa: First South African troops land at Mombasa.

Sea War

Germany: Falkenhayn advocates unlimited U-boat war as naval equivalent of Verdun against Britain; Admiral Holtzendorff convinced, calculates only 650,000t new shipping built in 1916 and 70 U-boats can destroy 160,000t per month.
North Sea: Royal Navy cruiser Natal destroyed by internal explosion in Cromarty Firth (304 killed).
Eastern Mediterranean: U38 (Valentiner) torpedos and sinks P & O liner Persia (334 lives lost, 2 US including Aden consul) without warning c. 70 miles off Crete .

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