Diary December 6, 1916

Mackensen captured Bucharest
German Field Marshal August von Mackensen celebrates the capture of Bucharest.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, December 6, 1916:

Eastern Front

Rumania – FALL OF BUCHAREST: Mackensen rides in on a white charger, on his 67th birthday. Kaiser celebrates with champagne. 8,000 survivors of Rumanian 1st Division with 26 guns surrender on river Aluta after 125-mile retreat to east.
Pripet: Fighting west of Lutsk.

Western Front

Germany: Berlin Casualty Office ceases to publish regular casualty lists (Verlustliste), giving names, regiments or other particulars. Henceforward alphabetical lists of individuals appear with no indication of unit or even the front concerned.
Verdun­: Germans capture trenches at Hill 304, French recapture it on December 7.

African Fronts

East Africa – Action at Fort Kibata (until December 9): Lettow attacks 800 British troops with 3 (German) guns and seizes Picquet Hill, causing 127 casualties.

Sea War

East Atlantic: Destroyer HMS Ariel sinks UC-19 with modified explosive sweep (high-speed paravane).

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