Diary February 1, 1943

fast minelayer 'Welsham'
The fast minelayer ‘Welsham’ in 1942, entering the Grand Harbour on Malta.
WW2 War Diary for Monday, February 1, 1943:

Sea War
Supremacy 1914

Mediterranean: Cruiser-minelayer Welshman sunk by U-boat U-617 off Crete. U-118 lays minefield in Straits of Gibraltar (4 ships sunk, 3 damaged).
Pacific – Operation KE: Japanese destroyers secretly evacuate 11,700 men of 17th Army from Guadalcanal by night (February 1-2 to 7-8); US ‘Cactus Striking Force’ heavily bombed while attempting to intervene.


New Guinea: Japanese troops withdrawing from Wau.

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