Diary February 18, 1940

column of Chinese soldiers
A column of Chinese soldiers singing patriotic songs march along a dirt road during the winter fighting. They wear winter-weight ski-types caps with the ear flaps tied on top. Most of the men are armed with the Hanyang 88 rifle but two men in front have later Mauser models.
Diary for Sunday, February 18, 1940:


Sino-Japanese war – Battle of Nanning: Japanese forced to withdraw from city after heavy fighting.

Sea War

AtlanticOperation Nordmark: Battlecruisers Gneisenau and Scharnhorst with heavy cruiser Admiral Hipper make unsuccessful sortie against ‘HN’ convoy route (Britain-Scandinavia); but escorting U-boats sink 12 merchant ships and destroyer HMS Daring.

Western Front

German infantry detachment, with heavy mortar support, make unsuccessful raid on French outpost near river Moselle.

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