Diary January 1, 1942

New Year card from Norway
New Year card from Norway by the grandfather of the author.
WW2 War Diary for Thursday, January 1, 1942:

Eastern Front

Central Sector: Russian troops recapture Staritsa (48 km northeast of Rzhev), which has been destroyed by the Germans.


East Indies: Japanese troops land on Labuan Island.

Home Fronts

Britain: 58 miners killed in explosion in colliery in Burslem (Staffs.).
USA: Ban on sale of new private passenger cars and trucks, to conserve steel.


USA: UNITED NATIONS DECLARATION SIGNED in Washington: 26 nations pledge themselves not to make separate peace agreement and to commit all their resources in struggle against the Axis.

Occupied Territories

France: Petain broadcasts a request for relaxation in severity of German occupation policies.

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