Diary January 18, 1918

Trotzky peace talks Brest-Litovsk
A professional revolutionary heads for peace talks with a Prussian general. The Germans knew that Russia could not stop their armies, but Trotzky hoped for a revolution in Germany.
World War One Diary for Friday, January 18, 1918:

Eastern Front

Brest-Litovsk: Trotsky breaks off talks, envoys leave to confer at home on January 20.
Finland: Mannerheim, Army C-in-C since President Svinhufvud’s promise of no Swedish intervention on January 16, takes night train from Helsinki to West coast port of Vaasa.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Major-General Dunsterville arrives at Baghdad (left Karachi on January 6) to head British Mission to Caucasus.
Palestine: British advance on 4-mile front near Durah 12 miles north of Jerusalem.
Arabia: Arab raids damage Hejaz Railway (70 miles northwest of Medina to 60 miles south of Maan until January 28).

Air War

Western Front: Major-General Sir J Salmond in command of Royal Flying Corps, succeeding Trenchard.

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