Diary January 21, 1944

Ju 88 'Little Blitz' raid on London
Ju 88 A-4, equipped with flare guards and an AB 1000 canister which held 610 B-1 incendiary bombs, for a ‘Little Blitz’ raid on London.
WW2 War Diary for Friday, January 21, 1944:

Air War

Britain – ‘LITTLE BLITZ’ ON LONDON (Operation Steinbock = ‘Ibex’): motley force of 447 aircraft (including He 177 heavy bombers) despatched, but only 32t bombs on target; 9 aircraft lost. 13 similar night raids January 29-30 to April 18-19.
Germany: 648 RAF night bombers raid Magdeburg (2,024t bombs). 2 German night fighter ‘aces’ Wittgenstein (83 victories) and Meurer (65 victories) killed.

Eastern Front

Northern Sector: Shattering Russian artillery bombardment overwhelms German garrison of Mga, southeast of Leningrad.


Italy: US 36th (Texas) Division heavily defeated during attempted crossing of river Rapido.

Secret War

Iceland: German agents report the departure of British Arctic Convoy JW.56A.

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