Diary January 31, 1919

Soviet Propaganda 1919
The Russian Civil War becomes the forerunner of the ‘Cold War’. The Soviet Propganda depicts the white leaders Denikin, Kolchak and Yudenich as fighting dogs of the keepers America, France and Britain, since the Allies occupy Russian territory with their help.
World War One Diary for Friday, January 31, 1919:

Baltic Provinces: Red Army occupies Windau (until February 1), 40 miles north of Libau.
South Russia­: General Wrangel of 1st Cavalry Division made C-in-C Caucasus Volunteer Army vs General Gittis (ex-Tsarist Colonel aged 38) put in command of Red South Front (both late January). Red Eighth Army suffers 150 Cheka executions (2,000 sentenced) in January.
France – Peace Process: Teschen Commission appointed and sent. Serb claims heard.
3 Royal Navy gunboats arrive at Strasbourg via Rhine.
Britain: Army demobilization 977,525 men so far. Government announces railway control until 2 years after Peace Treaty signed. 678,702 (including 53,000 ex-servicemen and 425,000 women) receiving out-of-work donations during January. ‘Red Friday’, Clydeside dock strike riot clashes with police and army (including tanks) in Glasgow. Strike ends February 11.
Japan: From January French mission begins teaching the Army to fly (144 aircraft by 1920).

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