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Diary July 28, 1940

Squadron Leader 'Sailor' Malan
Squadron Leader ‘Sailor’ Malan, born in South Africa, achieved 35 air victories (No 3 of RAF) and survived WW2.
Diary for Saturday, July 28, 1940:

Air War

Battle of Britain (Day 19): air battle over Straits of Dover. ‘Sailor’ Malan wounds Mölders – German fighter ‘ace’ – who crash-lands his Me 109E.

Sea War

Atlantic: Three Italian submarines begin operations in Azores-Madeira area, sinking two ships.
British armed merchant cruiser Alcantara (22,200 t) fights German disguised raider Thor off Brazil; Alcantara hit in engine room (9 casualties) and forced to put into Rio de Janeiro.


Act of Havana: USA and 20 Latin American Republics in conference at Havana agree to take immediate action if any European colony in the Americas is threatened with aggression.

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