Diary June 13, 1919

Denikin enters Tsaritsyn
Denikin (here at the entry) succeeded only in July 1919 in taking Tsaritsyn (later Stalingrad and today Volgograd) temporarily.
World War One Diary for Friday, June 13, 1919:

South Russia: ­Wrangel’s Caucasus Volunteer Army (mainly cavalry and element of Denikins forces) attacks Tsaritsyn (until June 15) but Red defences too tough, Whites lose nearly 25% including 8 generals and 11 regimental commanders. Wrangel withdraws a day’s march to south. Civilian river and rail exodus from city.
Baltic: Forts Krasnya Gorka and Seraya Loshad covering Kronstadt naval base rebel vs Reds and shell port (until June 17). Stalin orders 2 battleships to counter­-bombard and Reds retake forts while garrison survivors and Estonians retreat.
Siberia: Czech troops mutiny at Irkutsk but soon put down; French General Janin blames US for incident.
Britain: New Victory Loan issued, 4% bonds.
France­: AEF Stars and Stripes weekly newspaper closes (peak c.522,000).

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