Diary June 2, 1919

British submarine L55
British submarine ‘L55’.
World War One Diary for Monday, June 2, 1919:

Baltic States: Royal Navy occupy Bjorko Sound on Finnish coast (with permission), 30 miles northwest of Kronstadt. Red destroyer Gavriil sinks British submarine L55 with gunfire and with another destroyer shells Bjorko on June 9. Allies back Estonians in fighting at Venden northeast of Riga to check German Major Fletcher’s Baltic Landeswehr, nominally Latvian but German dominated. Armistice on June 11 broken. More fighting near Rup on June 13 finishes with Estonian push on Riga.
France – Peace Process: Draft treaty handed to Austrian delegation (Dr Renner leaves for Vienna on June 3, returns June 37).
Clemenceau laments ‘I have to struggle every day against generals who leave their own domain and commit faults that I regret’.
Balkans­: Romania and Yugoslavia divide the Banat region. British government recognize Yugoslavia as Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes.
Britain: Enemy firms creditworthy.
India­: Viceroy replies to Afghan armistice request.

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