Diary June 3, 1918

 soldiers rush ammunition supplies to the front
French and US soldiers rush ammunition supplies to the front at the Aisne.
World War One Diary for Monday, June 3, 1918:

Western Front

Churchill visits BEF GHQ, Paris and Front until June 13. Fierce fighting between Soissons and Noyon. French retake Choisy Hill for 5th time. After 30-mile advance Germans reach the Marne: US 2nd and 3rd Divisions block the advance at Chateau­-Thierry, ‘Retreat hell! We just got here’ attr to Captain Lloyd S Williams USMC, Belleau Wood. Franco-American troops eliminate German Jaulgonne bridgehead (100 PoWs). Petain organizes reinforced French cordon round Aisne salient.
Aisne: Legion stiffens French defence northwest of Villers-Cotterets (night June 5-6 until around June 14). 27 Allied divisons have arrived since May 28.

Secret War

Western Front ­- ‘Le radiogramme de la victoire’: French intercept German Eighteenth ArmY ammo delivery message, hints at Montdidier offensive (June 9).

Eastern Front

Japan: Government approves Allied intervention in Siberia.
East Siberia: White Trans-Baikal Cossack Colonel Semenov retreats on Borsia after defeating Reds, similarly captures Gurks, 93 miles northeast on June 6, but retreats on June 10.

Middle East

Georgia: 2 German battalions from Crimea (217th Division) land at Poti.
Palestine: Limited imports allowed through Egypt.

Sea War

West Atlantic: U-boats sink 9 ships off New Jersey. SS Pinar del Rio sunk off Maryland on June 8.

Air War

Britain: Distinguished Flying Cross (DFC) instituted.
Palestine: RAF raid Amman (and on June 4, 11 and 18).


Britain, France and Italy support national aspirations of Poles, Czechs and Yugoslavs.
Churchill first time flies to France, sees Haig and front until June 13.

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