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Diary March 20, 1940

Dr Todt
Reich Minister Todt, since 1933 Inspector General for the Road Engineering and planners and builders of the ‘Autobahns’ (motorways). As head of the ‘Organisation Todt’ he was also in charge of the development of the Siegfried Line and the Atlantic Wall until his accidental death in January 1942.
Diary for Wednesday, March 20, 1940:

Home Front

France: Prime Minister DALADIER RESIGNS, following severe criticism of his Finland policy.
Germany: Dr. Todt appointed Minister of Armaments and War Supplies.

Sea War

German aircraft attack convoy (4 ships damaged). Goebbels boasts 9 ships totalling 42,000 t. sunk. British Admiralty describes German claims as ‘42,000 tons in excess of the actual facts’.

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