Diary March 25, 1916

Bristol Scout with MG interrupter gear
Bristol Scout with MG interrupter gear.
Diary for Saturday, March 25, 1916:

Air War

Western Front: First British aircraft (Bristol Scout) with MG interrupter gear arrives in France.

Eastern Front

Western Russia: Baluyev’s first vain attack on ‘Ferdinand’s Nose’ salient (repeated on March 27, 31 and April 7 and 14).

Southern Fronts

Trentino: By now Austrian Eleventh (Dankl) and Third Armies (Kovess) assembled between Bozen (Bolzano) and Trent despite spring snowfalls and avalanches, but attack postponed 5 weeks due to deep snow.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Still only 45 steamers and 79 barges with 338t daily capacity of 490t required; most of Maude’s 13th Division now at front, begins relieving 7th Division (until March 31).
Armenia: Przevalski’s II Turkestan Corps now 20-30 miles southeast of Bayburt.

African Fronts

French North Africa: General Langle, retired from Western Front due to Verdun, on mission (until December 1, 1917).

Sea War

North Sea: Harwich Force Flagship Cruiser Cleopatra rams and sinks German destroyer G 194, but cruiser Undaunted collides with flagship and is sent to Tyne for repairs. Remainder and Battlecruiser Fleet steam near Horns Reef (March 26), but Scheer out in force declines action in Southwest gale, snowstorms and violent seas. British (including Grand Fleet) return to bases (until March 27).

Home Fronts

Britain: Military Medal instituted for Army NCOs and privates.

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