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Diary May 1, 1945

Russian position with IS tanks
Russian position with Stalin tanks on one of the Spree bridges in Berlin.
Diary for Tuesday, May 1, 1945:

Russian Front

Battle of Berlin: Goebbels and wife Madga poison their 6 children before committing suicide. Russians capture Charlottenburg and Schoeneburg districts.

Home Fronts

Germany: DÖNITZ ANNOUNCES DEATH OF HITLER (‘fighting in Berlin’); becomes second Führer of the Reich.

Sea War

Pacific: Australians land at Thrakan (Operation Oboe I).

Air War

Mexican Expeditionary Air Force (equipped with P-47s) arrives at Manila.


Gurkha paratroops seize coastal battery at Elephant Point, near Rangoon.


US infantry battalion scales precipitous east face of Maeda Escarpment, but is thrown off after nightfall.

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