German Military Passport

German military passport from the Kaiser’s period.
Entries from 17 October 1898 to 25 September 1917 during World War One.

young service man
Great-grandfather Button (born March 30, 1878) as a young service man.

Complete German Military Passport from the Kaiser’s period of the Great-grandfather of the author.

Military passport of the great-grandfather of the author: carpenter Heinrich Button (mother’s side), born on 30 March 1878 in Buedesheim (near Frankfurt/Main), died on 19 March 1954.
Married to Marie Caroline Button, born Rueckert. Father Philipp Jakob Button and mother Elisabeth Button, born Schaefer, (Buedesheim).

Issued on 17 October 1898, last entries on 25 September 1917.


German soldiers of Kaiser's area
Plate of great-grandfather Button (back row standing, second from the left as in the center) in later years with his unit mates.
Oval@3x 2

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