Diary May 13, 1916

Austrian submarine  'U6'
The Austrian submarine ‘U6’ was built 1909 at Fiume.
Diary for Saturday, May 13, 1916:

Sea War

Adriatic: Royal Navy Otranto Barrage drifter sinks Austrian sub U6 and forces her to scuttle, the only definite Otranto Barrage U­-boat kill of the war.

Western Front

Artois: British repulse attack on Ploegsteert Wood. Lt H Macmillan (Grenadier Guards) writes to his mother ‘… the most extraordinary thing about a modern battlefield is the desolation and emptiness …’.
Verdun: Vain German attacks west of Hill 304 and northeast of Mort Homme. Falkenhayn orders despairing Crown Prince to prepare June 1 offensive.

Eastern Front

Russia: Tsar and Brusilov inspect new 10,000-strong Serb Division (ex­-Austrian PoWs) at Benderi and visit Odessa (until May 14), before imperial family leave for Sevastopol.

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Colonel Rybalchenko takes Rowanduz east of Mosul.

Air War

Western Front: Esc Americaine flies its first patrol with Nieuport 11 fighters.


Britain: War minister Kitchener receives Tsar’s invitation to visit Russia, visit widely rumoured.

Home Fronts

Britain: Married men of age 36-41 call up for June 13 for military service.

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  1. I wish you or someone would offer a “100 years ago today” email service, in your case just sending the WW I diary with links. I feel a duty to be aware of this, but it gets lost in the daily round.

    1. Done !
      You can subscribe with your E-Mail address below every Diary entry or at the bottom of the Home Page.

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